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Sun Pine Standard Features

Quality ConstructionEach of our Sun Pine Custom Homes provides supreme comfort, energy savings, safety, and durability. Just some of these features include the use of 2 x 6 framing of the thermal envelope to allow for maximum insulation and 3-stud exterior corners to minimize thermal bridging. All of our ductwork is carefully sealed to meet an air leakage standard of 3% or less of the rated mechanical system blower speed in cubic feet per minute (CFM) at negative 25 pascals of duct pressure. This is a tough standard and not one commonly attained in residential construction. However, this is a smart choice because it makes the most sense to conserve expensive, conditioned air. Tight ductwork also provides more balanced pressures in the home and reduces the amount of unhealthy air drawn into the thermal envelope from the crawl or attic space.

Our standard windows are dual paned with spectrally selective lo-e glass and insulated frames. All of our insulation is inspected for content and quality of installation. We insulate around all windows, exterior doors and over headers where possible. All of our recessed lights are approved for insulation contact to minimize energy loss through the ceiling envelope. Also, we use only high quality water conserving plumbing fixtures and faucets.

All of our homes are all inclusive packages. The price includes everything needed to build your dream home. These items include all permits, custom design, representation at architectural committees, engineering, computer drafted plans, construction, and a landscaping allowance. Energy Star Features


Optional Energy Efficient Features


With increasing energy costs and a greater need to conserve natural resources, it is wise to consider further energy conservation features in a home. Our Eco-Comfort Energy Star Rated homes provide these features and also provide the enhanced durabiliy, health and comfort. When you factor the savings in energy costs over time, many of these options are good investments.

Energy Efficiency

We provide several such options at a competitive price. Actual costs will vary depending on the design and size of the home. Because of the point of diminishing returns, many of these items are a much better choice than just adding more insulation. Improperly installed insulation even in one small area creates a much higher energy loss than having less insulation that’s installed properly. We make sure that you get the insulation you pay for and that it is installed correctly. We will be glad to explain each option in detail, discuss the costs and benefits, and determine whether it makes since to consider incorporating it into your home. Enhanced energy saving and comfort options include:

Other Options (partial list)

Our distinguishing features are standard on almost all Sun Pine homes. However we reserve the option to modify or reduce this list for specific contracts where a customer has negotiated more restricted features to reduce costs and subsequent contract price.